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Rabbi’s Goals.
To transmit Jewish wisdom and spiritual inspiration.
To enrich the past with perspective and understanding and the present and the future with the experience of the sacred.
Photo Spiritual Journeys
Seeing what they saw.
 Experiencing what they experienced.
Thinking what they thought. Feeling what they felt.
Knowing what they knew.

 Living now.



The purpose of Bay Area Jewish Services is to provide rabbinic care, support and understanding to the Jewish community, especially the unaffiliated and secular Jews on the west coast and in the Bay Area of Northern California.  As a result, the rabbinic services offered by Rabbi Jerry Levy will authenticate the religious and spiritual identity of an individual or family and will help sustain them in times of transition.

By guiding others through life cycle services, sharing sources of Jewish wisdom and providing inspiring experiences, individuals and families served will better focus on and shape those ideas that help them define their unique identity as Jews.
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