You Dirty Rats!

This is my operation, my turf, my mob.  These are my rackets, my business deals, my associates. 

Scram buster if you know what’s good for ya.  Get your butt out of my town.  You look like a guy who is accident-prone.  Wouldn’t want anything serious to happen to you.   Get my drift?
I’m from Chicago Heights (really).  Capone met here.  I’m from Calumet City, one of the most connected towns in America.  I’m from Oak Park.  The Dons live here.  I am from Chicago, Gangland, USA.  I’m a made man!
Cement shoes, one-way tickets to the Lake Michigan sand dunes, Vegas slots slightly tilted, bet making, bribes, booze, jury tampering, numbers, union votes, race horse doping, contraband cigs, protection, drugs, hijackings and babes…you’re in my gun sights, punk. 

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