Who will buy my red, ripe strawberries?

Fruit must be the food of the gods! 
A bowl of vanilla ice cream with fresh wild strawberries on it was a childhood delight and still is…even if the berry plants are fooled by the growers in Watsonville to produce fruit in the winter.
Fruit trees in full blossom are sensual overloads.
Plump Bing or Queen Ann cherries are just too good to be legal.
Citrus is splendid.  And a cool pomelo savored outside of Jericho on a hot day is too delicious for words to describe.
The fruit in Thailand is weird looking and requires a cultivated taste. 
Table grapes, wine and Champaign grapes are delectable and make a great Sukkah decoration. 
Two guys (spies) carrying an eshkol of lush fruit is/was the emblem of the tourist agency of Israel.
They make fruitcake in Texas…’nuff said.
To call someone a fruit is really a compliment…to call someone a nut is a slur.
Love that fruit!

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