The Wedding Ceremony: An Act of Kiddushin

May the covenant, which you are consummating, enrich and ennoble your lives. May you tap the inner wellspring of your being as you present each other with the gifts of self. Affection and companionship are freely given. Gladness and joy freely shared. Peace in your hearts and in your home freely sought. May this covenant sustain you in times of trial and comfort you when mystery seems to rule. May it unite and strengthen you in your search for faith and trust, for meaning and purpose. May your covenant join your lives and your histories together. And may your bond of marriage be sealed with everlasting love.


You have spoken the words and performed the rites that unite your lives. You are now husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife, and a family.

The life before you is committed to cheerfulness, to reverence for each other, to respect for each other and to fidelity to this family. These are the cornerstones that link you together. These are the touchstones that reflect your highest hopes.

Though you may yet know the cold, you will be warmth to each other. Though you may know the dark, you will be light to each other. May your years be long upon the earth and may all that is beautiful and true abide with you forever.

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