We are now down to the bare bones

I officiate at funerals.  I lead the service, eulogize the deceased and attempt to comfort the bereaved.  It is a task I cherish…to honor another who made his/her way through the world with loving steps, with blessings that animated others and with acts of goodness given generously.  I always feel honored by the assignment.
No, it is not dreadful work, not when you bring others into the realm of the sacred.
It is the best work in the world…next comes the making of art.
And this is true for me…whenever I leave the cemetery or the mausoleum; I realize that it is never right to live a lie, to play make-believe or to lead others into a blind alley guided by only false hopes. 
I will not use my truth to weaken another and so I often leave the meaning of a phrase up to the interpretations of others.  That way, I remain true to my experience and knowledge base and true to the other’s at the same time.  I speak equivocally.
So talk about the bare bones…the essence, the truth, the reality, well, here it is, my friends, equivically.

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