This week is brought to you by the color Red

This week is brought to you by the color Red
Red is a high-energy color.  It is the color of blood, the planet Mars and the passions.  Red cannot be contained or domesticated.  It is the color of anger unleashed and of love fiercely felt.  It shows up in my favorite fruits: cherries, strawberries, apples and raspberries.
Red marks the spot, holds a wandering eye in place and draws everybody’s attention.
Red peppers add spice to the palate, heat to the sinuses and water to the eyes.  A red car goes faster.  The Red army won more battles that the White one. 
So this is that time of the year when we notice red more:  red hearts, wrapping paper and baloons, note cards, red wine, boxes of candy and the reddest of red long stem roses.
Makes the blood boil and the camera quiver!

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