They Killed the Gulf of Cheney

Connotations?  Let me explain.  To combat my childhood allergies, my pediatrician fed me on a steady diet of steroid injections.  I received three shots twice or three times a week.  Must have worked because the day I left home for college, my allergies basically cleared up.  One of the consequences is this…I cannot look at someone else, or at my own arm, when they/I get an injection.  It’s still after all of these years way too upsetting.
And I cannot stand to look at, read about or think about the great oil spill of 2010.  I just can’t.  This catastrophic event is so terrible that I cannot bring it into focus or into my consciousness.  I am not denying its severity, its impact or its devastating long range effects.  It’s just too big for little ‘ol me to comprehend.
What follows, blogwise, are four postings using cartoonists to set the record straight.  One image comes from the NY Times and the others were “lifted” from Slate, an on line News and Opinion Daily Magazine.  And those cartoons were collected from many different sources.
I give others the credit for their cartoon summations of the oil-event.  For myself…I am the chooser, editor-in-chief.
Do not enjoy these  4 postings!  I beg you!
The Result of a Catastrophic Oil Policy
The Tragedy of Loss
An Ecological Nightmare
They Killed the Gulf of Cheney

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