The Vice of Choice — Add Vice

Soften the blow.  Dull the pain.  Check out of the space-time continuum.  Worship regret.  Bow to limits.  Quiet the noise.  Slow the speed.  Attack yourself.  Turn a blind eye.  Reorient reality.  Revise history.  Fail and fall.
Vice chasing is depressing, to say the least.
And yet, our vices are religious choices.  Whatever separates us from the inevitable conclusion is a rite or a ritual, a sacrament or a ceremony.
Vice bitten and we will miss everything else.
So, do something to help another, something life affirming.  Teach a positive lesson to someone else.  Help someone heal.  Lift someone who has stumbled.  Visit someone suffering the sadness of loss.  Feed someone.  Sing to someone.  Smile at someone.  Love someone other than yourself.  Go make a photograph of raindrops, for example.

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