The Sound of Color

The hills in spring and in summer are alive with the sound of color.  The winter skies in northern climes are alive with the sound of the light bending hues of the aurora borealis.  The fall is alive with the sounds of autumn foliage falling to earth in all its glorious color.
Where did these colors come from?  All are contained in the white light emanating from outer space…but how were they internalized in a flower?  OK, the colors of a flower attract bees and other pollinators and so are a part of the cycle of sexual reproduction that flowers utilize.  But, how did red enter the flower?  Yellow?  Blue?  Orange?  Purple?
What is the difference between a meadow of wild flowers and a symphony played in a concert hall?  What is the difference between a moist tropical forest full of wild orchids and a French Quarter Jazz venue?  The sound of the music is as melodious as are the colors of petals found at the flower mart.
Hear a good pink lately?  How about a crimson crescendo?  And did a deep baritone blue ever sound as vibrant? 
Strike up the band…send a bouquet! 

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