The Mask

Which mask shall I wear today?  The creative one…the sensitive one…the overdue bill collector one…the funny one…the one old folks remember… the one my grand children expect…the one that is professional…the silly one…the sorrowful one…the mask of the inspirer, or the manipulator…the busy one or the lazy one?
Or perhaps I will try the romantic one or the politically corrected and concerned one or even the one that denotes presidential aspirations.  I like that athletic look.  I think the professorial look is appropriate.  And the starving artist look is way too familiar.
A mask is learned behavior, sometimes absolutely sincere; the outside matches the inside…that’s the authentic look.  And sometimes we wear a mask to play “let’s pretend.”  That’s so not you.
A mask often reruns time or creates parallel time and fools us into thinking that live-forever is possible.  That’s when we wear the mask inside out.
The Festival of Purim approaches…what a great time for a masquerade!

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