The Chair Man of the Bored

Like Mars the planet, like red the color, like apple or cherry the fruit…the shape of chair is a classic, a recognizable shape, eternal, the gift of the gods.

Chair means sit, dwell, sojourn, reside, visit and stay for a while.  It means eating, talking, watching, waiting, resting and praying.  It represents civilization, design, art, comfort, decoration and home furnishing.

Chair is for dancing with the bride and the groom while linked by a handkerchief.  It is for balancing in a circus act or for keeping the big cats at bay under the big top tent.  It’s for deskwork, for piloting, studying, computerizing and for haircuts and nail polishing.

Chair is for stability and for comfort, for making a style statement and for expressing a sophisticated side of your self.  It’s for stay at homes and for world travelers.  It’s for tushies.

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