The Book of Numbers

The 2010 Olympic Games are all about numbers: athletes, sponsors, times, games won, points scored, degrees of difficulty, kilometers to the next event, speed and medals earned.
Scientists just reproved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity conclusively, again.  They needed some fancy equations and logarithms to do the job. 
Guards Ellis and Curry scored a total of 58 points last night to beat the team from Atlanta by 4 points.
This is the 22nd day of February, 10:40 in the morning.
When you consult the Torah, the Book of Numbers (the 4th Book of 5), you will find the liturgical formula the priests of ancient Israel used to bless the people (May the Lord bless and keep you).  The blessing establishes a relationship between Israel and their God; the priests merely make the connection and pass the love along.
And that is exactly why numbers are important: they describe relationships, enable them and make them possible.  Calculations determine time, distances in space and the degrees of temperature.  The perfect equation creates peace, well being and harmony.  Eighty to Ninety is a B; Ninety to One Hundred is an A.  Send back your US Census form!
Numbers, in every direction under the sun…connecting us one to the other.

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