The Art of Writing

It originates in the heart, soul and mind.  It’s genesis is in the imagination, the world of experience and in the will to create.  It flows from top down seeking an outlet for the expression of an idea through the shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers.  It flows from the ken of humanity (some of it is even attributed to god and/or to the prophets) to a #2 sharpened pencil, or to a calligrapher’s pen, or to a hammered chisel, or to a brush dipped into ink or pigment or to the click and send of a digital keyboard.

It expresses heartfelt gratitude, soul filled love and a mind turning mere thought into wisdom.  It observes the matters of existence in a new light.  It wrestles with the course of human events and makes sense out of them.  It derives its energy from the passion and from the intent to make clear and resonant our every encounter and relationship.
It is writing.

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