The Art of Pulling Strings

Nothing wrong with a bit of influence peddling, you know, pulling a few strings in high places.
And, knee-jerk reacting when stressed out by a low flying comment or a near collision behavior is parr for the course.  And falling on the sword of a past experience never sapped of it’s bitting energy is what we all have to live through.  And being stalked by narrow-sighted opinionators rather than those of sounder judgment is common place on the cable TV that is beamed directly into a receptive skull.
You can just imagine what pulls the strings attached to your life: guilts, unresolved issues, incomplete transactions, interrupted conclusions, undone deeds, corrupted motives, ill defined purposes, secret energies agitating, negativities and limits idolized.  And who else is still in there pulling strings?  That’s far too personal to explore here and now.  Needless to say, a meeting of minds is taking place in the Boardroom and someone is wearing a pink slip.
Ease of heart and calm of soul come from untying the knots that bind, the cords that constrict and from loosening the pull of the past. We are not marionettes (OMG, my mother’s name was Marion).  We have the strength to resolve and the fortitude to complete.  And even if we succeed partially, we have reduced the drag.

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