Someone Else’s Work

I do not copy.  I record, preserve, share, crop and edit.  Someone else’s work is seen, observed, interpreted differently in my eyes.  I celebrate the work of others whether they produced a visual moment and painted tone poem consciously or not.  I wonder at someone else’s creativity, at their insight and perception.  What were they thinking and saying: this is beautiful, this is not beautiful (rendered with beauty added) or this is all too common and lacks aesthetic integrity.

I am an explorer.  I am a seeker.  I am not a bullshit artist.  I am a realist, a humorist and a preserver/archivist/curator.  I am an appreciator.  And, I am grateful to others that they had the courage to place their work, knowingly or not, along the path I take on any given day.  I am a miracle maker…just look at my discoveries.

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