Some Might Avert Their Eyes

Look, I see what I see. 
I notice form and composition, content and consequence.  And, if there is a tinge of naughty in the frame, it is all the better. 
When I was a rooky rabbi in San Diego, my friend and fellow shooter, Sid F., called me up and invited me over for a photo session in his home studio.  Sid taught photography at City College.
I made excuses.  I’m too tired.  I have work to do.  I am out of film.
“Look,” he said, “the shoot will last an hour and I have plenty of film for you.  Besides, how many opportunities will you ever have to photograph a nude model?”
Long pause…
“I’ll be right there!”
It was the most difficult photo experience I can ever remember.  Never printed a single shot.  All I remember is the inappropriateness and the danger of discovery.
I have made up for it since then.  I do interesting images charged with a wee bit of the erotic.

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