Shalom Maker

Shalom Maker is a monthly E-Magazine published by Rabbi Jerry Levy. He calls it The Journal of Visual Torah.

Jewish Inspiration

Shalom Maker is about our perception and our understanding of the world, of many worlds, actually: the inner one and the outer one, the world of visual effect, the world the existentialists ponder and the world in which the philosophers search for the Truth. Shalom Maker is fact and fiction, it’s spiritual and it’s irreverent. It is humorous and as serious as possible. It is an exploration of ideas and events, of concrete consequences and of a dreamer’s vision. It’s about our ancient wisdom and our contemporary conceits. Above all, it strives to be interesting.

And, it is illustrated with photographs found along the way. The rabbi records these once hidden visual treasures with his Nikon Camera. And, monthly or more, he sends image and content to your email address.

There are issues of Shalom Maker here for you to explore. And then, you’ll get the picture. These monthly newsletters provide excellent Jewish inspiration. Get inspired and read one!

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