Men’s rooms, Ladies’ rooms, Bathrooms, Washrooms, Toilets, WCs, Heads are seldom Restrooms…
A restroom is a place of solitude, comfort and calm.  It is a retreat from the daily grind…a place to read a book or listen to music or contemplate or consider while perhaps sipping a cup of the daily grind. 
Restrooms are rare rooms, off the beaten path of traffic, activity and social interaction.  They’re familiar and friendly, safe and sound, free of twists and turns.  Prepare to love there.  Think.  Plan.  Study.  Organize a lesson to teach someone something inspiring.  Create.  Review.  Confront a conflict…internal, external or extraterrestrial.  Formulate a response.  Catch your breath.  Focus your attention and energies.  Imagine.  Feel gratitude or sadness or joy, these are healing emotions.  Investigate.  Follow your curiosity.  Search for a sense of oneness or wholeness or for your place in the vast universe.  Reflect on an experience.  Identify the sacred.  Pray or meditate.  Consider the possibilities.  Project the consequences.  Accept the truth.  Weep.  Smile.  Sense satisfaction.  Review what is left undone.  Relax, refresh, restore and replenish.
Your restroom is a sanctuary, a cathedral of catharses.   It’s your safe room.  Your own private Exploratorium.

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