Religion Is Power

The power of a religion is in it’s freedom of choice.
Religion is a response to the harshest reality that we all endure: we want to live to the end of time and we know we do not have enough time to do that.  Life is finite!  Ouch!
So, what do we do?  We make up our own religions.  And we fill the days between birth and the loss of self with what ever comes to mind.  What ever comes to mind is our religion.
Each of us creates a personal religion, a real religion.  And we determine its content.  We choose the blessings.  We choose the responsibilities.  We choose the contributions to make.  We choose the psalms of gratitude to recite.  We choose the celebrations.  We choose the priests and prophets.  We choose the enemy.  We choose the paths to a Sabbath sense of well being.  We determine the depth of our love.  We decide whether the content of our reality is more reason or more faith.  We practice belief or non-belief.  We hold the good to be a self evident truth or we dishonor our parents, rob our neighbors, desecrate the holy space of another, lie and cheat or bear false witness…and worst of all, deceive ourselves.
Moses, our teacher, was the paradigm.  Each one of us is a little Moses.  Or a small Jesus.  Or …
Religion has the power to remind us, help us appreciate and sooth and comfort us.  Now that’s power!

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