Precious Child

Precious child, you are a mystery to me.  Love and design entwined together have created you.  A spark has been kindled within you.  Now, it is from your own fire that the glow of life will come.

Precious child, you are a mystery to me.  Little by little what is hidden in you becomes visible.  The world is contained within you.  And, you are contained by the world.
We welcome you into our hearts, into our home, into our lives.
You are our dreams realized, our hope fulfilled.
You are the next chapter.  You are the future.  You are the span that links the generations.
You are love come alive.
Your life is a new story unfolding to be filled in by circumstance and experience.
You are our people’s history.  We welcome you home with blessings and with love.
May you bring your child into the way of Torah, Chuppah and Deeds of Loving Kindness: into the way of the Sacred, the way of ongoing life and into the way of love.
Blessed is the One, who causes parents to rejoice with their children.

Blessed is the Source, by whose power we exist and from whose glory we draw sustenance.  Blessed is our celebration of this joyous occasion.

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