Playing Tag

Street art tells a story…of wrongs in search of right, of faith that defines wishful thinking and of history retouched and made accessible.
Street art promotes a movie, or a concert or an exhibition or a set of initials.  Look at this…want to see more…special rates for children and seniors.
Street art is often peripheral art…we see it in passing.  We hardly notice it.  We often think of it as a defiant act of defacing property.
Street art is a difficult sale.  We seldom stand in front of it and take it in.  Or, we look at it as a smudge, a blur, a shadow or stain frozen in time.  We don’t read the message or see the content or appreciate the art or find any value in its inherent beauty.
Street art is not for the dead of eye!  And, that’s my own Tag line!

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