Paint the Town Red

Color fills the City.  I know one whose career it is to color the City. 
It’s not easy to choose the colors.  It’s an art.  It takes scientific study.  It takes a familiarity with psychology.  It takes an aesthetic sensibility.  It takes talent.  It takes knowing the meaning of the colors, the sound of colors and the feelings of colors.  It takes sorting out the wants and the not knowings of the decider.  It’s not easy to color in the lines or out of them.
So if you desire to paint your space with the colors of life…contact:
Colors bright and subtle, colors vibrant and calming, colors creative and quiet, colors passionate and relaxed, look at me colors and blend-in colors.
I see in color.  I see your colors as I pass by.  And I am either amazed or not, depending…

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