This is Momma Kitty.  She is a well-seasoned senior citizen that can leap tall buildings in a single bound.  She speaks her mind at mealtime, when she wants to explore the great outdoors and loudly announces for everyone to hear when she has had enough of the elements: wet, cold and spider webs.
She prowls the premises for warm resting places: the Apple Air Port, the morning sun and she likes stretching out on the top of the VCR or TV cable box.  Lap diving is her specialty.  And yet, she has manners.
The little creatures have a large presence.  They have big personalities.  You know there is a soul behind their eyes.  In addition to their instincts and learned patterns of behavior, they have a playful spirit of adventure about them…always ready to chase something invisible to the human eye. 
I know Momma Kitty is thoughtful…I just don’t know what she is deliberating.

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