Nice Words

Hi Jerry,

Thank you so much for the wonderful service and touching words honoring the memory of our mom.

Please send us the electronic copy.

Thank you again, and

Best regards,

Peter & Gregory

Dear Rabbi Jerry

I am old fashioned and was taught by my Mother who had impeccable manners to write a hand written thank you note immediately when needed.
Since I did not have your address I will write an email thank you.

I just wanted you to know that my sister Karen and I thought that you did a most beautiful job on my Mothers service on Monday. Even though you had never met her, it seemed like you knew her well!!

You truly captured her essence. Your references to her lovely hula hands, the beautiful flowers and sea breezes and all things Hawaiian were truly meaningful to us and to my Mom.

We could see that you truly put your heart and soul into your words. Everyone of our friends thought you did a fabulous job describing Cecilia and also how everyone, including her daughters, felt about her.

Also it was so thoughtful of you to give each one of us a copy of your beautiful talk. I just reread it again and cried, I will keep it forever and will re read it often and think of the great job you did that day!! It made me happy not sad.

At first I was apprehensive about having a Rabbi that had never met my Mother and one that did not know all that she was and all that she had accomplished in her life give the eulogy; but no one could have done a finer job than you!!!

Our sincere thanks for the beautiful service that you performed for Cecilia. It truly did her justice and Karen and I cannot thank you enough!!

Best regards and aloha,

Pamela and Karen

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for delivering the perfect service yesterday for our dear, dear friend Carol. I want to tell you how much your skill as a Rabbi/writer/perceiver were appreciated. Everyone made comments about what a wonderful job you did. It’s a gift and a talent that I am grateful for and grateful to have met you.



Hello Rabbi Jerry,

I hope this is finding you in great health and enjoying the Divine moments you are living.

I have thought of you often since my father’s burial…to thank you anew for your ever-so-beautifully done and profoundly meaningful ceremony.

Indeed, the ceremony you offered us was so perfect. Thank you, Rabbi, for your perception of my father and us, his family; thank you for your eloquence; for your scholarship and intelligence; for your uniqueness- and thank you for your depth and sensitivity. Indeed, you soothed our hearts and souls so, with your magnificent ceremony. My dad had the most beautiful send-off to his Creator I could have hoped for.
Always remember, Rabbi, the HUGE DIFFERENCE you are making in the world.

You are dear to my family, to myself and to everyone who knows you and/or will know you, Rabbi.

In Gratitude Rabbi,


Hey Rabbi,

Amy and I just returned from a fabulous French honeymoon.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for officiating our wedding. It was an unbelievable ceremony, and you are just a wonderful human being that Amy and I couldn’t of enjoyed working with more. It was truly a pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed yourself. We look forward to staying in touch.

Warm Regards,
Jordan and Amy

Dearest Jerry:

How to even start to thank you for shepherding us to that great Bat Mitzvah day, yesterday, heat and all. Thank you sooooo much.

Much love,
Julie Ann

Dear Rabbi,

Thank you so much for your help. I remember as a kid, how interested and supportive you were of my dancing and artistic pursuits. What a Mitzvah you’ve done by writing me this letter. “A Jewish thing to do”.

I enjoyed looking at your photography blog. And I do hope that an opportunity for you to see me perform in Israel presents itself.

So glad we are back in touch and please keep me posted about your Israeli travels. It would be great to get dinner in Tel Aviv sometime.

Thanks again,

Hello Rabbi Levy (Jerry) –

I want to touch base, as well as personally thank you for our lovely ceremony, your kindness and gentle way.

The wedding was everything we wanted, amazing really, and you helped make that happen.

Jon and I are still glowing and so very happy!

With a warm heart,

Rabbi Levy,

I wanted to thank you again for your superb presentation at Tuesday’s service for my Mother. Everyone told me how much they enjoyed and were moved by your warm and soothing words.

While I will always miss my parents, knowing they lived a long, happy life and are now together again brings me great solace. Your help in bringing this chapter of my life to an end is much appreciated.

All my best, Robert

Hi Jerry,

I was just thinking how much I appreciated the guidance you offered us at the beginning of this process of mourning. Of course, I continue to sort and revisit and reflect, finding the way to make my mother’s life a blessing as I move forward. I’m grateful that Jewish tradition realizes what a long path this is, to reinvent oneself after the loss of a parent. Lots of walks on the beach…

I would love to have a copy of your comments from the Sunday memorial service – the piece where you spoke of the dining room table. It was especially touching for me, as I sit at the actual table that inspired the metaphor. I realize I only have a copy of what you shared at our Friday family gathering.

Hope all is well, and we look forward to the next *joyous* opportunity to invite you to a family event.


Dear Rabbi Jerry,

Thank you very much for making our wedding so special and so easy for us. We really appreciate your touching and beautiful words. It was an unforgettable experience for both of us for our son and our guests. Everyone enjoyed the way you handled our Chuppah malfunction.

We would love to stay in touch with you. We enjoy reading your “Shalom Maker”.

Truly yours,
Valerie and Boris


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