My Nude Is Better Than Your Nude

My nude is better than yours.  She is shapelier, more statuesque, more seriously drawn and sculpted.  My nude is sexier, more sensual, more erotic than yours.  Mine is more suggestive, way more mysterious, more appreciative of my attention to her details.  My nude creates from the inside out.  She is earthy, sophisticated and always very intriguing.  More than yours…
My nude keeps me awake and alert, diverts my eye and offers the promise of good things yet to be.  My nude is proud of her attributes, confident and clever.  She tells a better bedtime story, sings sweeter songs and her smile sparkles more brightly…than yours.
My nude is a challenge and a bit of a surprise.  She withdraws into her chambers till I pass by and then makes herself known through subtle moves, innuendo, hints and glimpses. 
My nude is better that your nude.  I am sure of it!

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