Memorial Day 2010

Lets face it.  Humanity sucks.  Knowing the price we all pay for the pre-meditated loss of one, even a lesser one, still we kill.
Worse than animals we are…we kill for pleasure, for the glories of victory, for satisfaction, for the justification of revenge.  Sometimes we find a noble purpose for taking a life.  And we always make a distinction between murder and killing.  We send our boys to die in war for the freedom back home to kill abortion doctors.  Justified?  Only in the most twisted of minds.
I saw enough crosses on TV this Memorial Day to last several life times.  And I have two funerals this week.  That’s a lot of dying…so why speed it up or hasten it for others. 

Why die exponentially after a visit to a local emergency room?  Why climb a tower and snipe away the lives of innocents?  Why walk around with a bomb attached?  Why work for BP – they kill their employees, don’t they!  Or work in a mine?  (Did you forget already that last coalmine disaster?)  Are there any creative minds out there that can bring into a backwater Appalachian town a profitable industry – a co-op, not a corporation?  They could make banjos, after all.
Actually, I think we’re screwed, will never rise above the beasts and will never ever produce enough vaccines, great works of art or humanitarian accomplishments to counter the effects of a bullet, landmine or high flying bombed up drone.
Well, at least there will be an infinite number of more Memorial Days and hence a great opportunity to invite friends over for a backyard Bar-B-Que.  And, wave the flag.  And, remember that we once cried when a soldier fell in pursuit of life.  Or, is it death?

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