Mainly Black and White

The Art Critic and Exhibition Reviewer for the Los Angeles Times called me a “Colorsmith” when commenting on my last photographic show at the Art Center in Ojai, California. 
We live in a colorful world filled with resonance, vibration, discord and harmony.  I am attracted by that color.  I feel its energy.  And yet, have you ever felt the pull of a powerful image rendered in black and white?  The masters of classic photography captured more color and emotion in their black and white negatives than many others do with color slides and digital cameras.
Color involves the eyes.  Black and white stimulates the imagination and the heart.
Since these images were made in color and because the subject was mainly black and white, they appear as originally seen and imagined through my lens.
For many, every point of contention is always seen in terms black and white.  They forget in the heat of their passion just how colorful black and white really are in reality.  And don’t forget all of those shades of grey.  Extremists, take note!

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