Let the Actors Do the Talking

There are times when the stage and the film challenge us.  It’s not often but it does occur from time to time.
We leave the theater exhilarated or depressed as well as exhausted.  Emotions use up energy.  That’s why psychotropic drugs even us out…I think. 
Often we rush through the day contemplating trifles and fall victim to an unexpected conundrum…like a love dilemma or a real-life moral or ethical issue or one that forces us to face head on a sudden loss.
What other great existential themes does a playwright have to challenge us? 
Secular minded folk often have no fall back position if caught unaware and without a thought through understanding of…
“There is a time for every experience under heaven.”
So try these topics on for size over your next cup of coffee:
The pursuit of truth
Dying and death


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