It’s all about what you do with Black and White

The embers of your fire cooled.  Charcoal darkened your fingertips.  You rubbed it off in the sand.  You made a line, then another.  The markings made a shape and then you turned those figures into the animals you hunted.  You found berries and colored clays and natural dyes and you colored in the shapes of the hunters and the hunted.  You decorated the walls of your shelter, your sacred cave.  And, your drawings are still there…in France, for example.
You painted lines on your body, on your ritual garb and on your weapons.  Your written language originated from pictures.  You decorated your tombs with picto-words.  In some instances, you drew lines that had irreconcilable consequences.
That’s how you began.  You have matured and your artistic sensibilities and skills have evolved.
It all began with a line drawn in the sand.

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