It Was A Lightening Strike

It was a little tornado, a water spout, a dust devil!

It was a red Ferrari.  It was a silver Saber Jet.  It was a yellow hydroplaning speedboat.  It was a golden bullet train.  It was a wild pinto mustang.  It was a Flash Gordon red, white and blue rocket ship.  It was a black Harley.  It was a British green MG with racing stripes.  It was a purple formula one Indy car.  It was a run away cable car.  It was a Sheriff’s black and white cruiser giving chase to the criminal element.  It was a speedy Disneyland roller coaster car.  It was a motor cross puddle jumper.  It was a rainbow colored hot air balloon sailing aloft.  It was a dressage pony.  It was a beat up last one running demolition derby stockcar.  It was a deep diving nuclear powered submarine.  It was a U-2 stratospheric spy plane.  It was the Batmobile.
It was my 3-speed, hand breaking, all chrome, and narrow gaged English racing bike.  And it was the ride of a lifetime!

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