Industrial Light and Magic

The man-made wonders of the ancient world shared values in common.  The first was hubris: mine is bigger, better and longer.  Great walls, pyramids, colossal statues, gigantic marble Temples and the like share a place on the list.  And they all have another element in common.  All were designed with harmonious proportions in mind.  Good design pleased the aesthetic faculty and filled up the sphere of beauty (Tiferet).
So if a girder is nicely drawn against an interesting sky, a rusted crane, a dilapidated port authority warehouse; either the engineer had an artistic eye or I do (rampant hubris at its best).

So how much the more so if each of us plans out not the surprising and serendipitous events of life, but our reactions to those events with a great deal of design.  Living with ethical values, with moral qualities, and with good character choices, creates a life that is aesthetically pleasing and worthy of interest…to the engineer and to the artist.

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