I Want To Be Under The Sea

Actually, I am allergic to fish.  And, my reaction is life threatening.  So, I will abstain, thank you very much.
But, thank god I can eat some of the forbidden fruit of the sea.  Go figure.  My docs say that’s very unusual and caution me to be careful.  It might some day cause a reaction resulting in severe shock and/or dire divine disappointment.  Either way, pass the Benadryl!
I despise Gefilta fish.  I remember when the women in my family would drive to the fish market on the river at 95th Street in Chicago to buy the on ice ingredients for the Passover.  Bring it home, clean it, grind it and smush it into balls before boiling.  The emanating odor was so overpowering I could not stay in the house.  And I certainly would never eat it!  No amount of beet juice soaked horseradish root purée could help disguise the taste.
I had several aquariums over the years.  I have gone fishing several times.  Glass bottom boats aren’t so bad.  I went snorkeling once in the Sea of Aqaba, known as the Gulf of Eliat.  Nice experience.  It’s not that I hate fish.  It’s just that we inhabit separate realms.  Let them be, is my motto.
Really, a Great White or a Shamu will never sink its fangs into me. 
But wait, I love the ocean.  Feels as if I am a water person even though I am a sun sign Leo.  I would rather be at the beach than in the mountains where lions and bears live.  A walk near the water is just fine with me.  The worst thing that might happen to me while walking at Stinson Beach is that a hang glider may crash into me.  I’ll take my chances.

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