I am my own container

I knew someone who when shopping for an analyst or a psychiatrist always asked in the first interview if the container would be safe.  By that was meant is the office space safe, is the psychoanalytical process safe and would this person’s fragile psychic space ever be violated?  It turned out that there is no safe.  The process of self-discovery is fraught with realities revealed.  And if you are not in it for the truth, so often difficult to bear, why bother.  The container is always porous and like the cells of our bodies, materials and gases are exchanged through delicate two-way membranes. 

I knew someone (the same someone) who went through 7 analysists in two years…confronting or refusing to confront personal demons makes one feel unsafe.
And yet, we are all containers.  We hold memories and emotions, knowings and knowledge, experiences and hoped for conclusions, potential and purpose.
We may feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed, in control or out of control, loving or in a panic, secure or aggressive.

It all depends on what’s in the container! 

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