Human Shields

Ba’ath Party regulars approved Saddam’s use of the small folk to protect bomb-able military and political installations.  We protested, sort of.
Hamas and Hezbolah fired rockets from the rooftops of densely populated apartment buildings.  The Israelis dropped leaflets warning the citizens of the terrorist enclave of airborne dangers.  We protested, sort of…mainly against Israel.
Soldiers and crusaders marching off to war are regarded as human shields protecting the mainland from color (red, brown and yellow) scares and from star and crescent fears.  Send the young ones, those too naïve to know that it’s a one-way ticket to the awaiting virgins.
Whenever we scapegoat another we shield our selves from our own deficiencies, fears, limits and weaknesses. 
And we, too, are shields.  Doing Rush’s work.  Doing Glenn Beck’s work.  Doing big corporation’s work.  Doing the DC lobbyists’ work.
Meanwhile back in the Gulf (either the Persian or of Mexico) sh – t continues to happen.  The Iranian children marching into Iraqi mine fields were shields and the eleven BP oilmen who were blown up recently in pursuit of profits were likewise, human shields.
There will always be human shields because we need them to do god’s work.

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