How to Revive the Dead

This is humanity’s primary concern.  Every thing else we encounter throughout our days is a nuisance, an annoyance or an irritant.
We were scared to death to be buried alive.  We were afraid to come to the end of our craving for just one more experience. 
Death is mysterious.  We cannot see into it’s gloom.
So we invented the golden parachute: life after life, immortality, reincarnation and resurrection.  And we imagined places like limbo, purgatory, the world to come and heaven.  And we built structures modeled after our death-defying notions: The Taj Mahal, the Charnel House and the Mausoleum. 
The ancients were buried with food and drink, gold trinkets and their chariots.  Some are buried in their Cadillacs. 
Why, whole religions are built around what’s next, how we get to the Great Beyond and what do we do there…70 virgins and platters of lamb chops.  And any particular religion usually owns the key that unlocks those pearly gates for their members only.  That’s just like an exclusive country club.
Well, I, too, have thought about this very human dilemma.  And here are my keys to the game…you are welcome to come along as I attempt to revive the dead!
I for one will be Truckin to that Great Shalom

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