Grass Roots Politics

The early Zionists were well aware that the resettlement of Palestine was futile unless the first settlers reclaimed the land by draining the swamps, planting orchards, vineyards and field crops.  Work the land.  Own the land.  Build a country from the grass roots up.  The concept was a wise decision.  It came from the intelligence of those who surmised that land is sacred, especially in the Holy Land.
Today a grass roots political movement (of the people, by the people and for the people) does not always come from the intellect.  Often, all too often, it originates in that dark place where fear, prejudice and greedy self-serving mix together in the cauldron of selfishness (in the offices of lobbyists).  I see this in the waste of good tea bags and in many on the right side of the isle.  Silent majorities, born agains and Birchers are dangerous because they lack the power of discernment and discretion.  Their choices are made based on “me vs. you” strategies, not on the premise of we.
I propose that we send these folks back to rural America where they can dirty their hands not in the lies they tell or in the self-servings they strive to legislate or obstruct, but in the soil that makes our country great.  Oh wait a minute; many of them come from there.
Just where is that ballot box?

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