For the Sake of the Thirty-Six Righteous in Every Generation…

Tradition tells us that in every generation there are 36 righteous men and/or women who by their selfless generosity and inherent goodness prevent the world from collapsing into rubble.
I have over the years met several of these exceptional characters and I am not sure about the world, but my life is infinitely better for having known them.  Whatever they model is to aspire to achieve. However they loved is truly noteworthy.  Whatever they contributed is unmatchable yet does not prevent one from making his or her own contributions.
I search for them when I walk by the way.  Most likely, I would not recognizing them as I passed them by and that is really of no concern. I attempt to do with my life…with my knowledge, experience and skills what I am able to do and then some so that should I meet one, I can hold my head humbly high.

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