…falling on my face

The State protects.  The community protects.  Parents protect.  We protect.
We cover others with love and with kindness.  We cover them with acknowledgment and with authenticity.  We cover them religiously with experiences of relationship and with forays into the world of drama and of dimension.  We cover them with opportunities to question, to discover, to perceive and to understand.
They are dry when it rains, cool in the sun, satisfied when in need and safe when feeling not safe.
We invent when challenged by necessity, survive when afflicted and create when what we once believed turns to smoke and ash.
We flee when the umbrella falls away.  We fight when the bully wants to take it away.
It twists and turns in the storm.  Of its own nature, it wants to soar.  It drips dry on its own accord.  It yields.  It folds.  It waits…to protect again.

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