Embers of the Sacred — Let there Be Light!

We are what we create.  So, light, the very first creation, must be a divine inspiration…the footprint of god and if so, art must be god’s fingerprint.
The light that expands the non-limits of the universe was once contained, encapsulated and condensed.  And then the sparks exploded creating every direction.  We measure time by them.  And, speed.  And, the curve of hallowed space.  We light the night.  We hold the lamp of learning dear.  We brighten the eyes of another with an act of lovingkindness.  We attempt to preserve the light in words spoken, sung and written…in a mathematical equation.  We hold the light in lines and limits drawn.  We convert the light to digits and pixels and pigments.  Because light is sacred.  Because candles burn in sanctified places.  Because we hold a torch for another person. Because light, imagined or lasered, heals.
Is it possible that in these photographs made recently in San Francisco, California, that I might have preserved a primordial ember, a spark that originated in that great sparking moment, the first moment, and therefore must be an impression of the divine?  I think it’s possible!

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