Colors, Patterns and Junk Cover the World

Sherwin Williams Paint covers the world.  Their logo was a can of paint tipped and spilling paint over planet earth. 
I passed one of their manufacturing plants south of the City of Chicago every time my family drove me  into the City to my pediatrician, my allergist and my orthodontist.  Passed it way too many times!  And it always smelled bad.  Steam rising from the chimneys, odor wafting about….yuk!  I learned to hold my breath for a very long time…improved my lungs and my asthma disappeared.
Anyway, the notion of something covering the earth was an intriguing brand.  I liked it: atmosphere, carbon emissions, clouds, cosmic rays, the internet, prejudice, the Olympic Games, the World Cup finals, OJ’s trial, nuclear proliferation…to name a favorite few.
These images make it perfectly clear that the world is really covered with mint candy boxes, with packages of M&Ms, with yards and yards of Chinese silk, with wave patterns in the great oceans and with scrapped Olympus point and shoots.
What’s your world covered with?  Inquiring and curious minds want to know.

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