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Like Bees to Honey

Here is light captured intensely.  Color concentrated exquisitely. Function created sensually.  Form rendered sculpturally.  Its perfume designed magnificently.  Its meaning conveyed emotionally.  And it’s pretty.

Signs of Life in the City

What’s the City for?  What’s business and commerce all about?  Why are the streets crowded with people movers?  Why so much signage? So many billboards?  Why so many shops, offices, restaurants and hotels?  What happens there? People relate there.  The City is built on a foundation of relationships and interactions.

City Lights

         There ought to be a law: when in the San Francisco Bay Area – carry a camera.  The area is a visual paradise, its plumage is vibrant and breath taking and its color palate rainbowonic!.  Every made image is a unique blend of City Light and the imagination.  Every snap of…

Latch Key City Kids

Curiosity is the key that unlocks the latch.  The City is a maze and is amazing.  You are a window watcher and a street walker.  You are an explorer, a time traveler and a social scientist.  You are bewildered and fascinated.  You are riding a magic carpet powered by the City’s human energy grid. Now…

City Moms and Pops – Jellies, Jams and Preserves

Lunches for the kids: P B & J.  Traffic jams on the commute.  In a jam financially.  Plans for expanding the business all jammed up. The price of jam is rising.  Life in the City is jam packed. One needs a GPS unit to navigate these days through the City around one jam or another.…

Sirens in the City

Mostly, I hear the sirens.  Traffic noise and conversations in passing are like the artist’s white canvas before the first line is drawn. Mostly, I hear the sirens. Someone collided.  Someone is down.  Someone needs to be rescued.

City Folk

Will the real you please stand up! Real or representational, that is the question.  It all depends…on being aware of our steps, our sounds and our prayers.

The Alphabet of the City

Spell CITY with big block letters.  Spell it quickly – with a rapid pace. Spell CITY with an eternity of visual moments.  Spell it with a maximum of fonts and colors.  Notice the spaces between the letters, between the numbers, between the shadows.  Spell CITY with encounters and experiences,  Spell it with  ethnicity, social strata…


Men’s rooms, Ladies’ rooms, Bathrooms, Washrooms, Toilets, WCs, Heads are seldom Restrooms… A restroom is a place of solitude, comfort and calm.  It is a retreat from the daily grind…a place to read a book or listen to music or contemplate or consider while perhaps sipping a cup of the daily grind.  Restrooms are rare…

In the Wild West they named a revolver, The Peacemaker

If all of my Uranium turned into lead and my nukes were useless, I would aim my rifle.  If my guns had no ammunition, I would use a knife, sword or a lance.  If those blades were dull, I would use a bow and launch arrows at my adversary.  If my bowstring broke, I would…