Eye-lands in the Sun

Where the world begins and ends Where the soul takes in inspiration When things go dark When there is no way in When the end is too late

The Shape of Heaven

Pointy Triangular Vaginal Circular Iconic Given the discords here on earth, Heaven can not be in such great shape!

Standing on holy ground

It’s so important to notice where you are standing. On holy ground.  In the presence of the sacred or the dangerous or the sublime or distracting.  It happens. So please rise to the occasion be it experiential or spiritual or a matter of taking back your personal power.  Rise.  Unite.  Stand up for something of…

The ever expanding dimensions of negative space

Bravely, into the void Fearlessly, into the dark Without hesitation, into the unknown and unexplored Without a shred of evidence, a judgement about reality Just where would we be without our beloved negative space? Just where?  Here!

The Party of Lincoln

Honest, Abe, did you ever expect this? What did you stash under that hat? Were you the President of ideological and partisan politics? Were you the first to preach to the choir, to the Amen corner? Did Washington fill up with so many NO’s under your watch?  Are you sure you were a Republican?

What’s up with Mexico?

It’s a mystery to me… so relax and enjoy the surfing girls or sit seaside and absorb the negative ions and certainly drink a Pina Colada made from local fruit as the sun sets over the western ocean all will be well, tomorrow

Not you’re ordinary Mom and Pop bottleshop

unless they also sell flowers or perhaps sell objects d’art or strictly Kosher products or “how to make a cocktail” books or stock the shelves with after dinner chocolates L’chaim

The orbits of the earth

the map might just be the territory it’s such a small world it began and it will end – makes us humble, generous and respectful or makes us greedy i thank my lucky stars for time, space and gravity my bags are packed, i’m ready to go