For the Oh So Holy Nights of Israel

For worship For Moslem, Christian and Jewish memory For King David’s sake For the prayer: “Next Year in Jerusalem” For the ever changing face of Israel

A beacon to the world – Israel

The B’hai Temple in Haifa Rosh HaNikrah – on the Lebanese border The Tzadikim of Torah – the guardians of continuity In the Jerusalem market – Machaneh Y’hudah A devout woman of valor

The Ports of Israel

The Port of Jaffa The Port of Tel Aviv The Port of Haifa The Port of Herzliyah The Port of the Spirit and Soul

Spare the air – bike to work

My childhood 3-gear, all chrome, English racer was my transportation, my Indy car, my Saber Jet, and my rocket mission to the moon and to Mars.  I rode on city streets and sidewalks, in the forest preserve, to and from school and on my own Sunday drives/rides.  It was an early taste of freedom, independence…

Ya aint from these parts – are ya?

You don’t look like us You don’t talk like us You don’t believe in the same god as us  You don’t lack unemployment like us This parish aint big enough for the two of us Hasta La Vista, baby

Sailor Jerry

I’m a sailor in the Jewish Navy,  cuddle up a little closer, kiss me baby


We lost trees to the fires in Colorado and trees to the storms in West Virginia, and Maryland and trees in the floods in Florida. We lost trees to make books and salad bowls. We lost trees to the weight of ornaments. We lost trees to walls and fences. We lost too many trees.

We are but stardust and so is the Chuppah

with a purpose and a propensity to create with the power to love with a sense of awe and of the sacred with a hope that we will have a positive effect on the future two stand under their Sabbath tablecloth canopy  and they emerge family we are made of stardust and so is the…

Cake and Coffee

and the catching-up conversation and the exchange of interesting ideas and the arguements, arrangements and agreements and the experience of a valued relationship and have a piece of cake or a biscotti with that Jo