Do Not Weep. Do Not Wax Indignant. Understand.

Evil in the Shadows

Last month, the world witnessed mindless bloodshed, a perversion of religion that materialized into pure evil. A gigantic shadow hung over Paris and pulled the Eiffel Tower completely out of the ground, as if it were a beautiful flower, and broke it in two. Then it broke it down even more, into a million little…

Disguise the limit

The art of disguise of blending in of camouflage  of hiding in plain sight of owning a secret life of being a chameleon of misleading of concealing one’s true nature of putting up a facade of living behind the mask of covering up one’s real identity

You’re not a 47% hypocrite. You’re 100%.

And, everyone knows it. Everyone knows which ways you blow. Everyone knows you’re a committed liar.   Do not attempt to fool us. Aren’t you ashamed? Didn’t your religious training teach you anything? You jello filled bully!

Dragon Eggs

Deviled dragon eggs Fish sticks in a roe Corn dogs and cotton candy Snow cones and dipping dots Karmelkorn and pretzels Keeping lunch down…

On a Stairway to Heaven

There is always someone going up and someone going down. Someone moving while standing still. Someone climbing in the colors. And someone slowed by the black and white. Either going up… Or, down.