Bar / Bat Mitzvahs

Meditation for B’nai Mitzvah

Within me is a world yet unexplored, a world yet to be, a world I shall effect. I add idea to idea, event to event, insight to insight. I emerge alone, yet not alone, sensing your warmth, your hand, and your encouragement. I have come upon a vast tradition enabling me to seek out responses that speak to me. I have entered into a process, a time for creative growth.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a bridge linking dependence to independence, learning to teaching, me to my community, me to my future.

Within me is potential and the responsibility to realize it. Within me is the identity of a JEW and the will to express and honor it. Within me is a long history of creating, the drama of Israel’s rebirth, the drive to endow life with Holiness and Mitzvot, the yearning for wisdom, truth and freedom, for a world at peace and for the courage to commit myself to life’s journey and to those I meet along the way.

Within me is the Torah and I am thankful to grow up beneath this tree of life.