Balloon Boy

Up in the air junior birdman…

Richard Heene, the father of Balloon Boy, is a schmuck!

He is proof in living color that greed rules, that deception and damages accrued are means to an end, that acting triumphs all and that media frenzy is your friend.
Heene was recently released from jail.

So here’s to you bubble brain, weather balloonatic, airhead and stratospheric sword swallower.  

You proved beyond a reasonable doubt that America is mostly all glittery surface, that 15 minutes of pretend terror is as gripping as a body of Oscar nominated work and that the wasting of time and resources is moral endeavor.

At least you launched a plethora of embarrassing Halloween costumes.  That will instruct other children to learn that life is either a Sitcom or more to the point, a reality based show!

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