Antiques, Classics and Old Farts

Keep it well preserved, in it’s original box, out of the reach of the children, in the closet on the top shelf, or in a locked trunk in the attic, or in the garage dust covered or highly vitamin-ed and organically inclined and you have a precious object, a classic automobile or an ancestor.
Recently, my camera walked two venues: Antiques and restorations on Harrison Street and the Concours d’Elegance on a grassy field in elite Marin.  Beauties everywhere.  The camera lens shuttered.  The images recorded.  The well designed past alive again for a moment.  It paid to have money then and it pays to have $$$ now.
The glories of the old world revealed, Sun King treasures, Detroit’s halcyon days revisited, RR’s everywhere…what a false picture presented to the starved for possessions and wealth.
My Nikon is still kvelling at the sight of such a rich display owned or to be owned by the idol rich.

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