A Peek Inside

A rabbi, chaplain, liturgist, photographer, poet, teacher & tutor, storyteller, blogger and sometimes humorist is me.  A father, grandfather, friend and sweetheart is me.  A Warriors and Bulls basketball fan, 49er and Chicago Bear football fan and Chicago Cub baseball fan is me.  A creative liberal and Democrat is me.  
Two hundred baby namings is me, five hundred B’nai Mitzvot is me, a thousand weddings is me and two thousand funerals is me.  A five-string banjo is me.  A collection of art, sculpture and music is me.  Four old Nikon cameras is me.  Suits, shirts, neckties and cuff links is me.
I am these things and I know that they are more than labels, more than possessions.  They help me express the content of deeper realities, like heart and soul.

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