A Pattern of Behavior

It travels rapidly.  Its source is light years away.  It has been flowing in our direction for eons.  It travels through the null and void bending slightly when it nears a heavenly object.  It oozes, waves, pulses and streams.  It’s carries within it multiple bands of various tone, texture and time.  It shines, illuminates, brightens, dries, warms, fades, bleaches and burns.  It is a catalyst setting off chemical chain reactions.  It induces a plant to change the direction of its growth.  It prevents cabin fever.  It’s thought that it reduces crime.  It stops and goes traffic.  It enables reading and indoor sports.  It is a component of painting, sculpting and photographing.  It helps Intel make computer chips.  It carries data and information lickity split.  It’s an eye surgeons delight.  It gives the moon its luminescence.  It’s a firefly’s friend.  It’s a moth’s enemy.
And it lights up my life!

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