A Faded Rose from Days Gone Bye

The sun bleaches, wind blown sand scrapes, rushing water wears smooth, fire turns all that it touches into ash and dust.  Pressure packed moving continental plates reduce cities to rubble, the tsunami wipes the slate clean and the blizzard dampens sound, and paints the earth in monochromic whites.
These images depict an instance of color captured in the midst of its own changing nature.  The color of a photograph or of an advertising poster shifts from vibrant to pale, from vibrant to dull, from vibrant to washed-out blue.  Such is the path of light from source to dark and from one form of energy to another.
And although the moment of change is captured instantly in digital numbers, and since light travels faster than the eye can track and the mind can comprehend, what you are looking at, change itself, just isn’t happening.  Go figure!

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